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  • ca LonelyTentacle @ 2018-08-12 22:39:46

    The combat is hard, focus on ranged allies. Must have 4 dubious to support your entire army for food hunting. enjoy bonding for the story and use bonding to level your best 8 monsters.

  • ca LonelyTentacle @ 2018-08-12 22:37:20

    After 11 hours of playing this game version this game still intrigues me. This game is still in the process of being made but it is really really nice, should be a 5 star when its done. I would like to give some hints and point out some faults that need improving. First off, the best thing ive experienced in the game is the bonding. Currently only 2 tentacle beauties can be bonded with: the dubious (blue snake) and the 4 legged tail/head tentacle monster that lives in the plains ... look

  • ca LonelyTentacle @ 2018-07-31 12:07:35

    The game is awesome, but really broken: when bonding the chat scripts dont popup it just says Line 1: or Line 2: or Mainline1: or Mainline 2: for example. When bonding with almost all monsters, there is no ingame text. Also you cant battle in this game, thats broken too. :(

  • in Rex @ 2018-06-17 02:47:50

    How to download

  • hu buddytheelf @ 2018-05-14 20:25:46

    how do i fight?

  • us baboon @ 2018-05-09 00:45:44

    think I got all of them use the eye to travel to other areas Butanga: Default, in forest Slime Eye: Near resting place (pinkish forest) Dubois: Glowing red cave (get this one first) Inker: Swamp-like area at northwest Cirrus: Can be found in various outer forests Nodder: Can be found at the top of the mountain in the south

  • us Who im @ 2018-05-07 18:08:18

    Yeah.. I cum to much

  • us iframe stylewi @ 2018-05-07 11:02:42

    good game i enjoyed it very much

  • us Dils @ 2018-04-27 10:31:04

    Nice game wkwkwk

  • us bob @ 2018-04-07 03:12:04

    How do you battle?

  • us Person @ 2018-03-30 17:06:11

    you can click and drag the screen to get back

  • hk Boogie man @ 2018-03-17 07:14:56

    This is a demo version and ends when Lilith is forbidden to go home.

  • us Anon @ 2018-03-11 18:02:25

    Anyone else having trouble returning to the secret garden after viewing the world map?

  • it Hi @ 2018-03-07 23:28:23

    I can't save, i click the save/load cript but nothing happen. Anyone can help?

  • gb thotticus @ 2018-03-07 19:36:38

    ricotico no offence but this is a porn game, quite a lot of people are here for a quick sesh then leave feeling bad about what they've done

  • us KKR @ 2018-03-07 17:07:23

    Here latest working patreon version of this game q(dot)gs(slash)E5Fvk

  • us KKR @ 2018-03-07 17:05:10


  • us KKR @ 2018-03-07 17:02:02

    Here is the latest patreon version of this game

  • us mayank.tito @ 2018-03-07 15:49:14

    how do you conquer other regions

  • us ace @ 2018-03-07 15:17:37

    once you use your turns go to the red forest theres a house with an option to rest

  • de ricotico @ 2018-03-07 14:55:08

    you can rest by going to the secret garden, then just select the pink woods and there you can rest and look up the encyclopedia ... it does tell you stuff if you dont skip all the text. you are the kind of guys that skip all the talking in videogames and then complain about a weak story.

  • us asdasdsad @ 2018-03-07 14:46:02

    You rest in the house

  • us raluchai01 @ 2018-02-21 19:24:45

    THQT I have the same issues that you are having and the rest of you I cannot rest i have tried everything and searched everyhwhere but there is nowhere to rest

  • us help @ 2018-01-23 10:30:05

    i think it would be a good game but you have yo pay to play

  • us Jack @ 2018-01-23 06:23:18

    I got to ask. How do you rest in the game? I do not see an options for it.

  • us WIZ @ 2018-01-21 23:02:36

    Really want this game finished!

  • us dgss @ 2018-01-20 17:12:04

    how to i rest

  • lv me @ 2018-01-20 14:11:37

    I believe this is the version you cant get further pregnancy. no rest option yet

  • us thatguy @ 2018-01-19 18:16:23

    This games going to be incredible if it gets finished

  • nl cvxcb @ 2018-01-19 17:58:22

    This is a demo version and ends when Lilith is forbidden to go home.

  • co last82 @ 2018-01-19 17:21:17

    Same problem here

  • fr CRONNS @ 2018-01-19 17:09:51

    Hello same problem of Law and THQT

  • de Law @ 2018-01-19 15:59:56

    How do you rest?

  • gb THQT @ 2018-01-19 15:50:32

    what am i supposed to do after i am pregnant for the second time (after the story where you get kicked out first pregnancy) it just says that you may not explore until you rest and then i can't do anything

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